We provide IT services including purchasing, installing, maintaining and supporting all of your technology needs.


Our design consultants can streamline your company's identity both online and offline. We provide interior and architectural design assistance for your offline needs. We can also design your website and web presence to ensure your online identity correctly reflects your corporate identity.


A soup-to-nuts assessment of your business.


We can help your business forecasting, budgeting and strategic financial analysis needs.


From conception to inception. We'll make it happen, we will draft your business plan with you, apply for financing, hire employees, open your doors.


Need training on the latest software? How about basic business needs such as effectively communicating with your employees?


We will work with you to draft a plan that will better capture the market, increase revenues, decrease costs, and increase your profits.


We can manage some tasks that you don't have skilled staff for. We can handle bookkeeping chores, HR tasks, logistics planning, web strategy, design, and marketing event coordination.


Have you grown out of your start-up phase and need to design a better network that meets your growing needs? We can help you design your network architecture that meets your working style and budget. Our solutions include fully integrated networking solutions as well as remote networking solutions.


If you've already got an existing network, but don't really know where to go from there, let us come take a look at your system. We will analyze, document and assess your current needs and craft a work plan to meet your growing and future needs.

"Codito ergo sum" Latin for "I code, therefore I am." Alright, we made codito up. Not sure if there's Latin for coding. But what we don't know in Latin, we certainly know in many languages including: CSS, PHP, PERL, SQL, Python, Rails, etc.

If you've got an idea for software that needs development, call us. If you have a funky query that needs to be programmed in order to get the most out of your data, call us. If you need help with Latin – we can't really help you there, but we could sure find you a tutor!

We support simple and complex environments with the same goals – decrease downtime and increase client productivity. We firmly believe that today's technology should only enhance and facilitate the creative process. We don't want technology to get in the way of your work.

Our dedicated and talented support staff are available 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 367 days a year. We realize that there are only 24 hours per day on earth, but in today's marketplace, there are actually more than 24 hours a day! Our local NYC staff is backed up by our support staff in a time zone 12 hours away. Like we say on our tag line, we burn the midnight oil so you don't have to! We mean it. Someone at Maddington is always up, continuously monitoring, maintaining and supporting your infrastructure.


Jonas Sison is a Consultant with over 10 years of experience as a management consultant and has an extensive background supporting clients in a broad range of industries with his strong quantitative and analytical skills.

Mr. Sison focuses on developing, analyzing and reverse engineering complex financial and economic models. His broad experience includes providing analysis and support in the energy, pharmaceutical, governmental, financial and media industries in the areas of M&A, privatization, benchmarking, asset valuation and litigation support.

Mr. Sison applies his experience in these industries to support many case works related to antitrust litigation, regulatory investigations, and consulting assignments.


Anthony Sison graduated from dental school in 2004, but has pursued a much different career path. He started work as a loan officer for Magnus Financial Corp in Los Angeles, and quickly climbed the ranks; in a few short months, he was in charge of the overall operations. After his experience with Magnus, Anthony partnered with a college friend to start a company called Ener-G One, Inc; developer of an energy shot called Bala 8 Hour. He has since ceased control of operations to be the country representative of Maddington Consulting, Inc. in the Philippines full time.


Avi can be considered a jack-of-all-design-trades. While her main focus is on print and web design, she enjoys finding new approaches when it comes to getting her projects done. Apart from her design background, she is also an accomplished writer and a budding illustrator.


Background in heterogenous information systems. Prior history of rapid promotions leading to full responsibility for research, development, implementation, operation, training and support of mission critical information systems. Extensive hands-on experience on software engineering, application frameworks, database management and system administration.


Was a computer science student whose first job was a graphic artist for three years. He got bored over it and felt the challenge to do coding, which is what he really wanted to do. He updated himself in the field and landed as a web page designer/developer. He continues to update himself of the latest system in the field as a system developer.


Pat is a perfectionist who specializes in Illustration and design, and was the art editor of her college’s paper. She enjoys dabbling in photography and other art mediums. Besides drawing her food and other random things, she also enjoys eating, people watching and curling up in her bed reading a good book.


Started out as a Custom Lighting Fabricator and a Designer in 2004... Eventually discovered his talent in interior designing for the reason that he's been engaged in working with the well known designers of the big companies who developed high rise condominiums in the Philippines and started to work on 3D Designing. From there most of his Ideas in interior design was executed not only locally but also abroad, and now he is responsible in bringing new ideas through 3D rendered designs in Maddington.


She's quite passionate about the web and the internet. She believes that the kind of technology we have right now, opens a realm of infinite possibilities. It's just out there, waiting to be utilized. She has 5 years of extensive experience doing frontend and backend development. She strives herself into learning and exploring new technologies to keep up with the rapid change in the world wide web.


Fish Hernandez is a 21 year old illustrator and designer. She was the art director of her graduating exhibit, as well as a regular contributor to various illustration projects online. She enjoys musical theater, reading, and video games during down time--Phantom of the Opera, romantic classics, and Animal Crossing are among her favorites.

Maddington Consulting Inc. was founded in 2008 by economic and management consulting veteran, Jonas Sison. Mr. Sison has consulted in various fields and for some of the largest companies having previously worked for Navigant Consulting, Inc.

Maddington Consulting's strategic vision is quite the opposite of the larger management consulting firms. Maddington aims to bring the creative and thorough discipline of management consulting to serve small businesses and start-ups.

Call us: 646.783.8799

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